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(707) 332-9697
Meet Our Chefs!
Bailey’s Best English Sausage Rolls and Savory Pies was born while on a trip to England. Jessica and Jack, the owners and chefs, live and work in Napa, California. Jessica is a first generation American born after her parents emigrated from England. Jessica grew up eating many different English foods. When Jack married Jessica he began traveling to England on a regular basis. On his first trip to England, Jack went into a pub and knew he was home. A pint of beer and a steak and ale pie was a delight. While in England and walking past a pastry shop it occurred to Jack and Jessica that the American people should have an opportunity to try English pastry dishes – and Bob’s your uncle – Bailey’s Best English Sausage Rolls and Savory Pies began!
You can find Bailey’s Best every Saturday at the Napa Farmers Market
Open April 15 - Nov 21 / South Napa Century Center, 195 Gasser Dr. 8-12:30 pm!